Virtual doctor visits are going to a completely new level with the introduction of artificial intelligence into personal healthcare. 
Health tech company NuraLogix has created a system called Anura that can assess more than 30 different health measurements from a selfie taken on a smartphone or tablet. 
"We take blood pressure, your breathing, heart rate. We check your risk of type 2 diabetes [and] many different things," Lindsay Brennan, senior marketing specialist at NuraLogix, told Cheddar News.
The company claims its Anura technology can even help prevent and manage chronic illnesses. The company's website also indicates that the AI can assess potential psychological issues.
The tech also works in concert with healthcare professionals. When patients attend virtual appointments, doctors can get a live reading of their vitals.
Anura also has the capability to assess protein and hormone levels with a single finger prick. This particular piece of the tech has not yet been cleared by the FDA but results are typical read within five minutes.