Trekkies are heading warp speed into the future with the sci-fi franchise's new streaming series, "Star Trek: Discovery." Actor Shazad Latif joins Cheddar with why he thinks the show has been such a hit with one of the pop-culture world's hardest-to-please group of fans. The show was just renewed for a second season, and Latif gives his take on what he thinks lies ahead.

He reveals whether trying to appease the hypercritical Trekkie community put extra pressure on the project. Latif also discusses the coolest parts about getting to work on a "Star Trek" set. The actor also talks about the franchise's history of embracing diversity.

Finally, we challenge Latif to a game of "Star Trek or Start-Up?" He has to determine whether words are the names of planets from the series' expanded universe or start-ups. Find out whether his interstellar smarts apply to the business world.