How Streaming is Steam-Rolling Cable

October 18, 2017
Updated 8mo ago
Dan Lagani, President and Chief Revenue Officer at Diply discusses how ad-supported media and brands can survive and produce valuable ads in a streaming world. He says in the next 10 years, streaming-tech companies will be to linear TV what digital was to print 20 years ago. Diply conducted a survey that busted the myth that consumers will not pay for digital content. Also, those that took the survey said they don't mind ads as long as products or content relate to their lives. Many people said they would be willing to share personal information with marketers in order to see more personalized ads. Plus, which platforms are most important for marketers right now? Lagani is betting heavily that Facebook and Google will figure out how to transfer ads from TV to social media. As for holiday shopping season inspiration, many people told Diply that they are influenced by ads they see on social media rather than TV.