The December Issue of Success Magazine features Rent the Runway Founder and CEO Jennifer Hyman. Hyman told Cheddar's Tim Stenovec that the new update subscription service is putting Rent the Runway within striking range of competition with retailers such as Wal-mart, Amazon, and Target. Success Magazine Editor-in-Chief Josh Ellis says Hyman stands apart from entrepreneurs because she is a fashion disruptor, and has not let anything stand in her way while building her company. Hyman has raised more than $190 million, more than any other female-run business in the United States. The key to Hyman's success, according to Ellis, is her persistence. Ellis also says becoming an entrepreneur has never been more attainable with the technology available today. Ellis defines the "YouEconomy" as solo-entrepreneurship. Success Magazine is on a search for the most influential entrepreneurs under age 30, and the winners will be featured in the magazine's May 2018 issue.