A long wait for their Model 3s won’t deter enough customers to pose a threat to Tesla.

That’s according to Alex Roy, Editor-at-large at The Drive, who says that the car is that much better than any other competitor in the field.

“Teslas just work,” he said. “If you get into any other electric car, you’re using third-party apps to find charging stations. They don’t all work.”

“I don’t even think it’s about saving money or even the environment. You want a premium electric vehicle that’s just different.”

Roy, who drove a Tesla Model 3 from Cali to New York in 50 hours over the holidays, likens the company’s leverage to Apple. That tech giant can sell out its latest iPhone despite the $1,000-plus price tag and criticisms that the device offers no significant innovation.

Tesla, meanwhile, has often fallen short of production and delivery estimates. Earlier this week the electric carmaker said it only got 1,550 Model 3s to their owners in the fourth quarter. Analysts expected 4,100. Roy doesn’t thing delays will discourage customers from buying or prompt them from cancelling pre-orders.

“I think they will stay with the Tesla Model 3, and they should because it’s really great,” he said. “It’s fresh, it’s new, and it’s better than expected. I thought it was going to fall apart. Three thousand miles later the thing did not have a single squeak.”

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