More states will go green if California brings in as much marijuana-related taxes as expected, according to one industry expert.

“You can see...the domino effect begin to happen,” said BJ Carretta, chief marketing officer at weed dispensary MedMen. “It can go to schools, it can go to roads, it can go to bridges, which is only better for the community.”

California has the largest population in the U.S., and it’s the sixth largest economy in the world. Analysts expect the state to rake in about $1 billion dollars in tax revenue now that recreational weed is legal in the state.

But the roll-out hasn’t happened without a hitch. The Central Valley and Fresno areas are largely banning pot businesses, according to California’s Bureau of Cannabis Control, which issued more than 400 licenses leading up to the launch. And Los Angeles and San Francisco haven’t ironed out licensing issues with the state, but the agency expects to start issuing licenses in both cities next week.

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