How This Texas House Candidate Is Using Memes to Move the State Leftward

March 5, 2018
Updated 6mo ago

Richard Wolf is not your typical political candidate. The 23 year old is running for the Texas State House and is using memes as a central pillar of his campaign strategy. Wolf joins Cheddar to discuss his platform heading into the Democratic primary.

Wolf says his memes are a cost-effective way of reaching the state's younger voting base. He explains how the election of Donald Trump and Roy Moore's senate campaign helped inspire him to run for office. He says he's spent up to $200 on his online marketing campaign.

Wolf is running on a platform of left-leaning policies that could appeal to the state's quickly-growing Democratic voting base. He says he wants to make Texas the United States' second sanctuary state. He also has his sights set on turning the Lone Star State into one of the world's largest marijuana markets.