Scott Salaske, CEO of Firstmetric and host of the "Seeking Wealth" podcast, joins Your Cheddar to help simplify how to get involved in the market. What are some of the things people need to think about before building their portfolio? Salaske says determining your investment goals is where you need to start. You also have to set realistic goals. Young adults often try to save for a home or pay off student loans and other debt, so they need to pay special attention to clearly defining their shorter-term goals. They also must make sure they don't take any excess risk when allocating assets or by making investment selections that don't match the time horizon of those shorter-term goals. Plus, the cryptocurrency craze isn't going anywhere soon. It says this reminds him of the dot-com era years ago. He suggests if you're going to invest in Bitcoin, look at the asset as a long-term gamble. It may or may not pay off. And should you rebalance your portfolio right now, when the market is at an all-time high? Salaske says it's a good idea but don't go into it blindly. You need to still keep in mind your original goals. Normal rebalancing and assessment of investment goals are critical to long-term investment success and to ensuring that the risk of an investors portfolio is consistent with their short- and long-term goals.