Millennial dads may need a hand transitioning into the father role. Fatherly, an online publication, delivers advice-based content and is winning over advertisers in the process. Peter Gorenstein spoke with the company's CEO & co-founder Michael Rothman at the WPP Stream event in California. Advertisers realize moms are no longer the "CEO of the household," says Rothman. The next generation of parents are now splitting in-home responsibilities, and Fatherly wants to deliver a fresh perspective on parenting journalism. Even though the audience is in the 30-54 age range, advertisers and Fatherly tailor content to be more relevant to the kids. When Fatherly first started, content was heavily focused on Facebook. Now, Rothman wants to focus on the "other side of the duopoly." He wants more of the content to appear via search results on Google and sees a big opportunity in other platforms including Instagram and Pinterest.