For the past couple of months, there has been a windfall of sexual harassment and assault allegations coming out of Hollywood, Washington, the media, and more spaces.

Sue Jacobson is the co-founder of Jacobson Strategic Communications and an expert on strong PR and communications. She joins Cheddar to explain why responding quickly in these situations is so important. Jacobson argues that companies should have a plan in place ahead of allegations and news. That way, she says, leadership has a framework to effectively and properly assess allegations and repercussions.

And strong communications is not only important reactively, it is just as important proactively. Jacobson has served as a communication director on recent presidential campaigns. She gives us some insight into President Obama's successful run explaining that it was successful because the campaign knew to focus on small, locally-based offices. By building out offices and campaign centers across different states, the Obama campaign was able to grow a name, brand, and loyalty.