How to Make $100,000 a Month Blogging

January 17, 2018
9mo ago

Believe it or not, Michelle Schroeder-Garner is on track to make $1 million this year from traveling and blogging. How is that possible? Your Cheddar host Tim Stenovec explores how digital ads and affiliate marketing helps Schroeder-Garner earn more than $100,000 a month.

Schroeder-Garner publishes her monthly income statements in an attempt to be transparent about her finances. She also says it's a good way to hold yourself accountable throughout the month. It allows you to see when you're spending too much and what you need to adjust. But how does she make $100,000 a month? Schroeder-Garner explains that she endorses about 10 core products and a few outliers on occasion. She also works digital advertising into her blog.

Plus, Schroeder-Garner talks about living a minimalist life. She travels the country in an RV and thinks very thoughtfully about every purchase since space is an issue! She also reveals that she and her husband invest 90% of her take-home pay. Schroeder-Garner reveals the key to passive investing and explains different ways to make extra cash.