Going through this pandemic can be a frightening time with the confusion and misinformation surrounding COVID-19. One comedian took to TikTok, creating a video entitled “How to Medical,” parodying a notoriously confusing moment from President Trump that has been viewed millions of times across social media platforms.
Sarah Cooper, author of How to Be Successful without Hurting Men's Feelings and the performer behind the viral video, talked to Cheddar Wednesday about why she chose to riff on the POTUS from his infamous press briefing where he appears to ask about injecting disinfectants into patients to fight the coronavirus. 
“I thought it was a brilliant way to show how ridiculous his words sound coming out of anyone else,” Cooper said. “When I heard the clip, I said I just got to bring this to life.”
The new social media sensation pointed out the video was even retweeted by celebrity Jerry Seinfeld and has garnered her 14 million views.
Beyond the humor, Cooper has also been using her viral video and platform to help bring awareness to the tragedy of those who have lost their lives to COVID-19, including the story of Skylar Herber and her parents who are first responders. 
“I couldn’t stop crying at the thought that two people who have already given so much in the community now have to bury their only child,” she recounted.