As more children get their hands on smartphones, parental controls are more important than ever. Combine those worries with wondering where your kids are going after school, and the thought of a child with a connected device can be pretty scary for parents. Sprint's Safe and Found app lets parents track their loved ones and monitor parental controls all at once. Sprint's Debbie Gilbert joins us to tell us all about what's possible with the new product. Gilbert tells us all about Safe and Found's features. The app includes geo-fencing, which updates parents when their loved ones leave pre-determined safety zones. Parents can find, lock, and wipe any family phone if it's ever stolen. It also allows users to send emergency alerts to family members with their current location. We ask Gilbert about the potential security concerns that any tracking software might raise. She says it's been tested and regulated to ensure that's not an issue. We also get her take on how the 5G revolution will change and expand the capabilities of all tracking technology.