Vermont Governor Phil Scott is asking legislators in his state to speed up equal pay legislation. The governor citing closing the wage gap would reduce Vermont's poverty rate by 57 percent, and add $1 billion to its economy. Joan Goldstein, Commissioner of the Vermont Department of Economic Development, and Lisa Groeneveld, Co-Owner of Logic Supply, explain how the state is recruiting more tech hubs to Vermont and working to close the gender pay gap.

"Our gap isn't as wide as some other states," explains Goldstsein. "Part of that is because of the transparency in many of the industries."

PC manufacturing company Logic Supply, which is based in Vermont, has a workforce made up of 30 percent women. "At Logic Supply we are working really aggressively to increase the female population of our workforce," says Groeneveld. "I'm really encouraged with the way Vermont thinks about helping businesses recruit and bring talented people into the state."