In November, Vital Proteins secured $19 Million dollar investment from CAVU Venture Partners. Clayton Christopher and Brett Thomas, Co-Founders and Managing Partners at the firm, join to discuss how they are working with this product to make collagen more mainstream.

Thomas says Vital Proteins product hits on the two big trends in the food product space: protein and ingestible beauty. CAVU predicts collagen will become a $9 Billion market by 2019. Another company CAVU is investing in is Kite Hill, which makes plant-based food products. Christopher says Kite Hill's food technology is innovating the way nut-milk can be transformed into different products, such as yogurt and cream cheese.

When looking at Amazon's impact on the consumer product space, Thomas says he sees more brands looking for new ways to partner with the e-commerce giant. By partnering with Amazon, newer brands are able to get their direct-to-consumer products off the ground.