The WeWork model has enabled start-ups and small companies to have amenities and resources they normally would not have access to. That's why HqO is helping other landlords keep up by providing software and tech to make offices digitally connected.

Chase Garbarino is the CEO of HqO. He believes every landlord will require tenant engagement software this year to stay competitive.

Garbarino explains as remote offices and working continue to rise in popularity, remote and digital connection is more than important than ever. Some of the amenities that are most desired for offices are fresh food, gyms, and other workplace perks. Sometimes it is alcohol and other times it is snacks

As HqO continues to get more activity on the app, the company can track movement and personnel that come in and out of the office. This helps them inform landlords how to cater to their clients and what adjustments should be made accordingly.

Garbarino HqO is a play on H2O, just like how water brings things to life, HqO wants to help bring businesses to life.