It's not going to take a "pornographic guardian angel" like Larry Flynt to impeach Donald Trump. That's according to MoveOn's Ben Wikler, who joins us to discuss the magazine mogul's offer of $10 million for any information leading to the president's impeachment. We chat with Ben about all the latest political headlines coming out of Washington D.C.. From President Trump's executive order on healthcare to the global community weighing in on the Iran deal, it's certainly no slow news day. We go in depth on the specific measures the president's executive action takes in dismantling Obamacare. Wikler says from here out, Obamacare is Trumpcare, and Americans know who to blame for any complaints. Then we tackle Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey's response to the Harvey Weinstein scandal. Dorsey announced a series of forthcoming changes the company will make to its harassment policies. The question is, did he do enough or is pressure for more reforms coming?