Founder of iBorrow Harlan Peltz joined Cheddar live on set at the New York Stock Exchange to talk about his service which privatizes the lending business. “We see a secular opportunity post-2008 to fill in the gaps of traditional lending,” said Peltz on Friday. “The pool of the unbanked has grown dramatically. And private lending, which has always taken on a big role in the economy, has taken on a much bigger role now and a much more public role.” The borrowers that use the iBorrow service are “stressed in some regard,” which drives a higher yield on the loans that are made, according to Peltz. However, he emphasized that looking at lending through the eyes of the investor is a critical step that is fundamental to the iBorrow service. “We really try to package the security that we would want to invest in and then we syndicate that to other investors as well,” said Peltz.