Actor and writer Drew Droege has been very busy lately. His latest endeavor is a one-person play where he's "bright, and bold, and a little bit too much."

Droege's character is invited to a gay wedding, where he's asked to avoid wearing bright colors. Furious, he turns up the night before to protest and turns the evening into what he describes as "a drunken, drug-fueled scream riot."

"I wanted an excuse to drink margaritas on stage and make people watch me," the award-winning actor joked.

He told Cheddar that he's the only human character.

"I talk to furniture in the show, as if it's other people," he said. "There are other characters in the show, they're just not played by actors."

"Bright Colors and Bold Patterns," isn't his only show. Droege was a writer in the premiere season of Netflix's sitcom "Big Mouth." The show was recently renewed for a second season. The comedian also plays Rose Nylund in a drag show version of "Golden Girls" in LA.

In a guessing game with Cheddar, he tries to identify whether quotes come from the fictional character made famous by Betty White or were actually said by President Donald Trump.

We also ask Droege which Golden Girl he thinks is most like Trump. He says it's the late Estelle Getty's Sophia.

“He’s grumpy, he says exactly what he thinks, and he’s out,” he said.

As for which of the girls might date him, it’d be Rue McClanahan's Blanche Devereaux.

“She’s not that picky,” he said.