Black History Month might be over but an immersive Black history art exhibit in Westchester, New York is offering people a chance to learn some lesser-known facts year-round.
Instead of having a tour guide spew facts about certain exhibits at you, visitors can watch live reenactments of trailblazers like Madame CJ Walker offering up historical information in a fun and engaging way.
Visitors will also be able to experience obstacles Black people faced when trying to carry out their civic duties.
"If you're from the North, you're going to be able to vote but you're going to vote Republican. But if you're from the South, you're going to take a literacy test and you're going to take 30 seconds to answer 64 questions, which you won't be able to do. And that's what I'm doing to you, teaching you how voter suppression worked in the South," Joyce Sharrock-Cold, Black history and culture curator, told Cheddar News.
Visitors can take a walk through time and see the lived Black experience from children's bedrooms filled with toys that lacked their own racial representation to walls filled with art created by Black creatives.