While we shopped for ugly sweaters, we sent Paola Alejandra out to the Game Awards to talk to gaming and esports' biggest stars, including SonicFox, Pokimane, SSSniperWolf, and OWL commissioner Nate Nanzer. After that, Pao took a red-eye over to Vegas and reports live from Black Ops 4's first major offline tournament, CWL Las Vegas.

Then later, we talk to two esports titans - first, it's CLG COO and esports veteran Nick Allen about his journey in the industry and how he's defining CLG by the organization's trademark persistence. After that, it's triple-threat CEO of Immortals, MIBR, and LA Valiant Noah Whinston on how he's managed to assemble such a killer roster and the importance of finding passion in things other than esports. And finally - you didn't think we forgot about Smash Ultimate's release, did you? Resident Smash expert Zane takes on the rest of the Cheddar Sports team - 1v3.