By Spencer Feingold

In an effort to increase diversity and inclusivity in the gaming world, the esports team and organization Immortals is launching a new initiative called “Unmuted.”

“Our intent is to bring together stakeholders in the ecosystem to solve this problem comprehensively,” Ari Segal, CEO of Immortals, told Cheddar on Tuesday.

Immortals has long reached out to diverse communities in the gaming world ー which is largely dominated by straight, white men ー but the new campaign aims to bring the various minority groups under one umbrella.

“Together they represent a majority of the communities in gaming,” Segal said, referring to cohorts such as LGBT and women’s gaming groups.

Segal also noted that by uniting various factions of the esports world, “Unmuted” is the “ultimate double bottom line opportunity.”

“If 50 percent market potential is only 20 percent penetrated, there is an opportunity to really grow,” Segal said, noting that only 10 to 20 percent of the esports audience is female.

Segal said "Unmuted" will focus on three key pillars: inspiration, access, and opportunity. Immortal will officially launch the campaign later this month and announce a “celebrity-, endorser-, influencer-type” that has partnered with the initiative.