Cheddar has been covering the biggest news of the week with some of the biggest names. In case you missed it, we've pulled together some of the highlights that will keep you informed as we get ready for the week ahead.

Impractical Jokers Season 10

This week Cheddar News welcomed Impractical Jokers stars James Murray and Brian Quinn. The pair talked about Season 10 of the truTV hit series, and its new target: celebrity guests. Among some of the celebs slated to appear this season are Colin Jost, Brooke Shields, and David Cross. The pair also discussed the show's 10 season-run and why it has been received so well by the masses. "The challenge for us as comedians, for the entirety of the show's history, was to keep reinventing the show," Murray told Cheddar. "COVID is a perfect example of that. We had to reinvent the show entirely to still keep filming it. And it became just another challenge that we had to overcome, and it actually led to some of the most creative, interesting, fun things we've ever done on the show because it forces us out of our comfort zone into new and fun areas."

NeNe Leaks, Big Freedia Talk 'College Hill: Celebrity Edition'

Also this week, reality star NeNe Leaks and rapper Big Freedia joined Cheddar to discuss their new reality show, a spinoff of a BET classic series College Hill. The series first aired back in 2004 and chronicled the lives of eight Southern University students. This time around, College Hill: Celebrity Edition will follow celebs including Stacey Dash, Lamar Odom, and Slim Thug as they experience the life of an HBCU College student today. "It's always important to continue to elevate our education in everything that we do. Just to have this whole college experience and to be in the house with all the other different celebrities was a great experience to go through, and I'm super excited because we get to go to a HBCU and have that whole experience," Freedia told Cheddar.

Baron Davis, Hennessy Elevate Black Entrepreneurs

Former NBA star, entrepreneur, and a regular on Cheddar, Baron Davis, joined us to discuss his partnership with Hennessy and the work the two are doing to inspire the next generation of Black entrepreneurs. The campaign, Never Stop Never Settle, looks to empower Black business owners through high-impact investments and provide business development resources that forge a path toward inclusion and economic equality. "There's so many incredible minds, and there's just a lack of funding, and people are just being underutilized. For us, it's really an opportunity to start bringing those like-minded individuals into a collective ecosystem really to help the next generation and the next generation of great minds in our culture," Davis said.

Supreme Court Strikes Down Roe v. Wade

OB/GYN specialist Dr. Jessica Shepherd joined Cheddar after the U.S. Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade on Friday. Shepherd keyed in on misconceptions about abortion and the need for emergency procedures when the mom, the fetus, or both are in jeopardy. "When you don't have access to healthcare such as abortion care, and/or contraception, you immediately see those numbers go up of whether that means an unsafe abortion or increase in unwanted pregnancies. So clearly we have a disconnect between actual evidence and what is perceived as why people get abortions," Shepherd told Cheddar.