The iconic bar from the hit television show Cheers sold for $675,000 dollars at a Dallas auction over the weekend. It was the highest bid among nearly 1,000 other costumes, props, and sets from classic TV shows over the years. The vast collection of TV memorabilia belonged to a collector who dreamed of creating a museum but ultimately put the items up for auction for fans to enjoy instead. The other items include the set of the TV show All in the Family and the iconic red bathing suit worn by Pamela Anderson in Baywatch. The three-day auction reportedly brought in more than $5 million dollars. 
Apparently, there's a pink paint shortage, and the new Barbie film is to blame. Creating the set took a lot of pink paint, so much pink paint that it wiped out one company's entire global supply of it. Barbie director Greta Gerwig said that the pink color seen throughout the film was "paramount" to getting the look just right. The pinks also had to be very bright. The company Rosco supplied the pink paint for the movie set and confirmed to CNN that the production used up a lot of the company's  paint supply, but added that the sets were also being built during a time when the world was experiencing global supply chain issues.