Barbie is honoring Hollywood trailblazer Anna Mae Wong to kick off Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month. Wong, the latest figure to get a doll in Barbie's "Inspiring Women Series,'' is considered the first Asian-American star in Hollywood history. The doll's outfit is a reference to Wong's role in the film Limehouse Blues. She was also the first Asian-American actor to star in her own TV show and was named the world's best-dressed woman in 1934 by the New York Mayfair Mannequin Society. 
Costumes, sets and props from series such as Baywatch, Star Trek, and Breaking Bad are up for auction right now. There are almost 1,000 pieces in total, and they're all part of one man's collection: James Comisar, a comedy writer who originally wanted to create a museum. The auction ends in June, but online bidding is open now, and yes, you can buy Blanche and Sofia's Sonny and Cher costumes from The Golden Girls for a very reasonable $10,000. 
General Mills is launching an original cereal based on the iconic candy brand Kit Kat, and it's hitting U.S. stores later this month after a successful launch in Europe. Inspired by the shape of a Kit Kat, each piece of the cereal has four ridges, and it is a combination of crunch and chocolate, just like the candy. Don't worry about rushing to the store right away, because this is a permanent addition to the General Mills lineup.