A designer is trying to make a case for  double-decker airplane seats, showcasing a prototype at an aircraft interiors expo in Germany. His idea made waves last year after he posted it online. The 23-year-old designer Nunez Vicente has since improved the concept and has reportedly gotten interest from sponsors. He said double-level airplane seats are the future of economy flying. Allowing stacked seats on a plane would also allow for more legroom on flights.  Apparently, the designer has personally struggled with this issue as he's 6 foot 2 inches tall.
A rare orange lobster was caught recently in Casco Bay, Maine, and it only has one claw. Researchers said there's only a one in 30 million chance of catching one of these rare orange lobsters. The crustacean is typically a more dull color when they're alive and only take on a more vibrant hue once they are cooked. The lack of a certain protein gene can lead to different colors in lobsters, according to researchers at the University of New England who are studying the unusual creatures. The missing claw is expected to grow back, and researchers said this gives them an opportunity to study how it grows back in real-time.