A family discovered more than one million pennies while cleaning out their late father's home in Los Angeles, and the valuation could be about one million dollars. Now the standard value for one million pennies is $10,000, but these copper pennies were made before World War ll. The U.S. started making pennies out of zinc-covered steel in 1943 when copper was needed for the war. The pennies were found in boxes, crates and sacks.
On May 13, Joseph Dituri broke the Guinness World Record for 74 days living under water without depressurization. He finally surfaced on Friday after staying underwater for 100 days in total. Dituri, known as "Doctor Deep Sea" was living in an undersea lodge at the bottom of a 30-foot-deep lagoon in the Florida Keys. He said it was "never about the record' for him" but instead about extending human tolerance underwater.