Wyndham Clark may have won the 123rd annual golf competition yesterday, but golfer Cameron Young definitely had the most memorable shot of the open. Around halfway through the open, one of Young's drives went off course. When his ball was discovered, it had landed right in the ball holder of a golf cart. Young said, "my first thought was, just a little bit of comedy that that's where it ended up. My second thought was that I had no shot at all from there."
We recently showed you this video of a giant fish taking a bite out of a diver's camera as he explored Australia's Coral Sea. Well, this must be the most interesting GoPro in the world, because the same diver was interrupted again. This time, while trying to take an underwater selfie, an octopus grabbed his camera. But rather than take a bite, the octopus used all eight of its arms to play a round of tug-of-war that she almost won. The diver called the octopus "super smart and very strong" and said she was undeniably the "queen of the reef."
Last week, at an ancient burial site in Germany, a 3,000 year-old sword from the middle Bronze Age was uncovered, and it still looks as good as new. Despite being buried for thousands of years, researchers said it was still "gleaming." The octagonal handle is made entirely from bronze, making it a rare find. Experts believe the sword was made as a real weapon and was left as a burial gift. The grave also had the remains of three people, a man, woman, and young person, as well as plenty of other goods. Researchers said there's still plenty more to examine, and they may find out more about the grave site as they continue the excavation.