Remember the film The Meg where Jason Statham battled an enormous, prehistoric shark? Well, in real life, megalodons went extinct over 3.5 million years ago, but just in time for the release of The Meg 2 in August, scientists have uncovered a fascinating piece of megalodon history. Deep sea investigators scanned the area where the Titanic sank and found a necklace made from a megalodon tooth in the wreckage. The team looked at over three miles of debris in order to find small artifacts such as the necklace. The diving company's CEO called the find "astonishing, beautiful, and breathtaking."
The latest pictures from the James Webb Telescope tell us more about possible life at the edges of our solar system. The new images show a plume of water vapor from one of Saturn's moons that spans over six thousand miles. This is the first time a plume has been seen over such a large distance. But this small moon, called Enceladus, could actually be one of the few places in our solar system that has the ingredients for life, including water and hydrogen gas. There is no proof yet that the small moon actually has life, but NASA said the James Webb Telescope will continue to capture new footage.