If you're a fan of Lord of the Rings, you may have heard of its arch villain Sauron. Well, now a new butterfly species with eye-like spots on its orange wings has been named after the evil entity.  It's called the saurona triangula butterfly, and a team of international scientists identified two species of the butterfly and say there are likely more out there. It's also not the first time scientists have named a new species of butterfly or insect after a celebrity or fictional character. The aleiodes gaga is named after — you guessed it — Lady Gaga, and the aleiodes shakirae is named after Shakira because of the way it twists its abdomen. 
Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg won a gold and silver medal on Saturday at a Brazilian jiu-jitsu championship. The CEO shared photos from a tournament in Redwood City, California on his Instagram page. He said it was his first time competing in a jiu-jitsu tournament. Zuckerberg reportedly started training during the COVID-19 pandemic.