The largest drag brunch show ever took place right here in New York City this past weekend. The event was organized by H&M and the Marcia Institute in an effort to stand with the LGBTQ community and drag performers as a number of states across the country have introduced anti-drag legislation. RuPaul's season ten winner, Aquaria, also attended the event and put on a show for the crowd of 412 people. 
Crayon drawings done by a young King Charles are going up for auction this week in the UK. The king would have been five or six years old when he drew the colorful portraits of his mother, Queen Elizabeth, seen here wearing a festive gown, red earrings and a purple tiara. There's also a drawing of his father, Prince Philip that's a little less colorful, showing Philip wearing a black suit. The two drawings are expected to sell for between $6,500 and $12,700.