A peacock that escaped the Bronx Zoo was back in his enclosure on Thursday after strutting his stuff down a Bronx sidewalk earlier this week. The peacock escaped Wednesday and spent the night in a tree nearby before flying back to zoo grounds. Zoo staff said they kept an eye on the bird and expected him to return, and so they chose not to intervene. 
Remember the viral mannequin challenge that swept the internet back in 2016? Well, it's back. A dance team on a flight from Manchester to Orlando recently perfected the challenge, which involves people staying perfectly still while a camera moves between them. All the passengers and crew on the flight took part. The team said they had time to kill on the nine-hour flight to their dance competition and wanted to bring back the old trend. 
Finally, a new discovery from astronomers that could point to extraterrestrial life. Do you remember the movie Contact with Jodie Foster? She played a scientist who received a radio message from space that ultimately led to the discovery of life on other planets. Well, it turns out real Canadian astronomers just discovered 25 new "fast radio bursts" in space. These signals also repeated, leading them to conclude it "wasn't a coincidence" that multiple bursts were coming from the same area in space. The origins of the bursts are still unknown.