Are you tired of paying too much for airfare? Google is rolling out new search features to help users save money when booking flights. The company will mark the best flight deal with a "price guarantee" label and then continue to monitor the price until departure. If the price falls below the amount you paid, Google said it will pay back the difference via Google Pay. In addition, Google updated its search features to help find the best deals on hotels and activities.

Sitting around usually isn't considered a very healthy move, but it turns out there's one type of sitting that can make you live longer. A new Time story highlights the argument that sitting on the floor with your legs crossed is one of the 10 healthiest habits. The magazine quotes the authors of a book called Built to Move, which argues that this type of sitting reduces pain in the body that can build up after sitting in a chair or car for hours on end. Researchers recommend sitting on the ground  for a total of thirty minutes a day.