From television royalty to 'Hard Knocks,' here's what's happening in entertainment.
Emmy Nods
Emmy nominations are out and now the conversation can really begin.
As usual, the masses are up in arms over, what many describe as, obvious snubs but, they're also celebrating nods for some of their favorite shows. HBO it set up to clean house at the 75th annual show as three network heavy-hitters landed the nost nominations: Succession received 27, The Last Of Us snagged 24 and The White Lotus is up for 23 awards.
It could also be a big night for the Star Wars franchise as Andor, Obi-Wan Kenobi and The Mandalorian received 22 nods in total.
There were some big disappointments, too. HBO's Love & Death received just one nomination, none of the actors on House of the Dragon are in the running, and FX's Snowfall was completely snubbed.
The 75th Emmys Awards goes down on September 18.
Taylor Record Mishap
Have you ever ordered an item and it was exactly what you were NOT expecting? Turns out a bunch of Swifties faced a similar fate.
Taylor Swift recently released the re-recorded version of her 2010 album Speak Now and fans had the option to purchase vinyl versions of Taylor's Version. But many fans reported that once they received the record in the mail, it was actually Cabaret Voltaire's electronica album Soul Vine (70 Billion People), which was originally released in 1992.
Seems like a pretty massive hiccup and an expensive one at that. According to Variety, Universal Music Group confirmed that the mix-up actually did happen, but only a small number of vinyls were misprinted. 
Customers that received the incorrect order were able to return the vinyl to their point of purchase in exchange for a replacement.
'Hard Knocks'
The New York Jets will be the focus of the upcoming season of HBO's Hard Knocks.
The NFL and NFL Film opted to highlight Aaron Rodgers' transition from Green Bay to New York (really New Jersey), according to ESPN's Adam Schefter.
Cameras are set to begin rolling during training camp, which gets underway on July 19. Only four teams were eligible to be on the upcoming season of the show: the Chicago Bears, New Orleans Saints, Washington Commanders and the Jets. 
To be eligible, teams must not have a first-year coach and must have been shut out of the playoffs for at least the last two seasons. The Jets have not seen post-season play since 2010, which was also the last time they were featured on Hard Knocks. Still, the Jets coach had said he wasn't interested in having the team featured on the show.
A premiere date for the upcoming season has not yet been announced.