In entertainment today, De Niro's getting tips and Netflix is going to make us all pay.
Robert De Niro apparently doesn't skimp on research when it comes to preparing for a role. The legendary 79-year-old actor reportedly asked Sebastian Maniscalco's dad, Salvo, for tips before portraying the comedian's dad in the upcoming motion picture About My Father. De Niro even invited Salvo to come down to Oklahoma where the movie was being filmed to assess his performance and maybe even teach him some Italian. 
The trailer for the upcoming ABC News documentary series Jelly Roll: Save Me dropped on Tuesday. The series offers an intimate look at singer-songwriter's recent struggles with addiction and mental health problems. The show is premiering Tuesday, May 30 on Hulu. On a related note, country singer Garth Brooks recently had a run in with Jelly Roll and was surprised when the fellow musician lifted him off the ground. Brooks said he could tell immediately that he was "as sincere as can be." 
Netflix's global crackdown on password sharing is coming to the United States, and the streaming giant on Tuesday outlined what, exactly, that will look like. Standard and premium plans, costing $15.50 and $20 per month respectively, will have the option to share passwords with one person living outside of their household. After that, they can add a second person for an extra $8 per month. However, it's unclear how exactly Netflix will go about authenticating who is and is not a member of a household.