From thoughtful sampling to a thoughtful documentary, here are the entertainment headlines 
Diddy's Daily $5K Bill
How does paying $5,000 per day for anything sound to you? For Diddy, that's a reality he confirmed, and it's for one of his most notable projects. In 1997, when he and his Bad Boy labelmates collaborated on a tribute song for the fallen Notorious B.I.G. called I'll Be Missing You, he tapped Sting for a sample of his iconic 1983 hit, Every Breath You Take. The Police frontman offered up the classic to be chopped and sampled but for a staggering price. In a Tweet, Diddy cleared up rumors that he was on the hook for $2,000 a day, but it turned out that number was $3,000 shy of the actual price.
Diddy also indicated that there were no hard feelings toward Sting, and that the pair are actually friends.
Angel Reese, LSU, and the White House
The fallout from this year's NCAA women's championship game continues. Earlier this week, star forward Angel Reese rejected an invitation from the White House to celebrate the team's championship win. Reese cited first lady Jill Biden's invitation of the losing Iowa Hawkeyes as the reason for the rejection. "I just know if the roles were reversed, they would not be the same. If we were to lose, we wouldn't be invited to the White House," she said on the I Am Athlete podcast.
Dr. Biden and the White House have seemingly walked back the offer to the Iowa women's basketball team after press secretary Vanessa Valdivia said the Bidens looked forward to hosting the LSU Tigers. But despite Reese's stance on not accepting the invite, officials from LSU's athletic department have come out and said the school would "certainly accept an invitation."
Michael J. Fox's New Doc
Michael J. Fox isn't taking the easy way out by letting his Parkinson's disease dictate his life, the Back to the Future franchise star is swinging back. In a new documentary titled Still: A Michael J. Fox Movie, Fox confronts his diagnosis, the strain it placed on his life, and how he decided to push through against all odds. In the doc, he talks about his abuse of pills and alcohol in an attempt to escape the reality of what he was facing and how he came to be sober for nearly 30 years.
The documentary premiered at this year's SXSW festival but will hit Apple TV+ on May 12.