From the end of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association to the beginning of a new zombie apocalypse, here's what's going on in entertainment.
Golden Globes and HFPA
It's been several years of consistently bad press for the Hollywood Foreign Press Association and now the nonprofit, composed of journalists and photographers, is set to be disbanded and the annual Golden Globes will have new oversight.
The organization faced an industry-wide boycott for what insiders called a lack of ethics and diversity. In 2021, a bombshell Los Angeles Times report found that the then 87-member organization did not have a single Black member. A New York Times report revealed that the organization was spending millions each year to compensate members and staff.
The fallout from the revelations was swift. The 2022 Golden Globes went dark as Hollywood's biggest hitters called for change. Tom Cruise even returned his awards. 
Now, Dick Clark Productions and Penske Media Eldridge are taking the reins. They will look to revamp the awards show and continue the HFPA's charitable giving, according to Variety.
The 81st annual Golden Globe Awards are scheduled for January 7, 2024 but there is currently no broadcast partner for the show as NBC's longtime hosting contract expired.
The Walking Dead in NYC
After ominous Canadian wildfire smoke settled over New York City and essentially blocked out the sun last week, it seems fitting that the next thing on the apocalypse checklist would be a zombie takeover.
This week, a few of NYC's most frequented locations are set to be swarmed by the undead. Before you freak out, take a deep breath and relax. It's a promotion for AMC Network's debut of The Walking Dead: Dead City. This Walking Dead spinoff will focus on post-apocalyptic Manhattan, which has been cut off from the mainland, and its descent into mayhem.
If you happen to be in the city and plan on visiting Joe's Pizza in Times Square, any of the H&H Bagels shops sprawled across the island, Katz's Deli on the Lower East Side or the Hot Dog King on the Upper East Side, keep an eye over your shoulder for hordes of zombies.
AMC has also partnered with these locations on exclusive promotional merchandise that might see your lunch or dinner picks packed up in The Walking Dead food box.
Tony Awards Success
Despite the ongoing writer's strike in Hollywood, the 76th annual Tony Awards proved to be a success.
In fact, there was so much interest in the show that it garnered its highest ratings in three years with 4.31 million viewers. That was a two percent jump compared to last year's ceremony. It was the most successful Tony's live stream for Paramount+ to date and also aired on CBS platforms.
The biggest feat of the night, perhaps, was that the show went on successfully, even without any scripted content. Perhaps this could be a sign of what's to come for future iterations of the ceremony.