From Jay-Z's *Book* of HOV driving library memberships to a Netflix surprise, here's what's happening in entertainment.
Book of HOV
Jay-Z is driving a local surge in library memberships in New York City.
It's all thanks to the 'The Book of HOV' exhibition at the Brooklyn Public Library. The display went live last month and contains a slew of artifacts that have been collected over the course of the rapper's career, including a mock Baseline Studios exhibit, items from many of his businesses, and, of course, displays of all his solo albums.
The Brooklyn Public Library activated around 14,000 new memberships between July 14 and August 12, believed to be driven by limited-edition Jay-Z themed library cards. Each card in the collection features album artwork from one of his studio albums. 
The hit exhibition is on display in honor of the 50th anniversary of hip hop. The exhibit will be open to the public until October 2023.
Bye Bye Netflix DVDs
Earlier this year, Netflix announced that it would be ending its DVD-by-mail service after a quarter century and now the time is nearly here. 
To celebrate the end of an era, Netflix is set to surprise a few customers with up to ten extra movies. Customers that received an email from the company can opt into the program.
"Let's have some fun for our finale," Netflix said in an email, according to Collider. "You won't know if any extra envelopes are headed your way until they arrive in your mailbox!"
It should be noted that supplies are limited and not every customer will receive the surprise delivery.
The final DVDs will be shipped out on September 29. However, it is still business as usual. The streaming giant will give customers until October 27 to make their returns before they will be charged. 
Miley's New Music
It's been a pretty good comeback year for Miley Cyrus. She spent eight weeks at the top of Billboard's Hot 100 after releasing Flowers in January and is still on the charts. Now she's gearing up for another release and it's coming to fans in a pretty unique way.
On August 24 ABC will launch a new special Endless Summer Vacation: Continued (Backyard Sessions) featuring Cyrus. The next day, her new song Used To Be Young will drop, complete with a music video.
"This song is dedicated to my loyal fans. I love YOU for loving every version of ME. Always, Miley," she wrote in an Instagram post