From bombshell allegations against Lizzo to Kevin Spacey's return and major NFL news, here's what's happening in entertainment.
Lizzo Sued
Pop star Lizzo is facing some serious allegations levied by her former background dancers.
A lawsuit in Los Angeles claims the dancers were subjected to sexual assault and endured a hostile work environment. At least one of the dancers in the suit claimed they were chided for gaining weight and was eventually fired after they recorded a conversation held during a meeting – the focus of which was their health condition.
While all of the allegations are serious in nature, one of the most alarming claims is that one of the dancers alleges Lizzo forced them to touch a nude dancer during a live sex show in Amsterdam's Red Light District. 
Among other allegations waged in the lawsuit were religious and racial harassment, disability discrimination, assault and false imprisonment.
Kevin Spacey in Theaters
Actor Kevin Spacey has faced a slew of sexual conduct charges in recent years to which he has continually claimed innocence. Expectedly, the allegations against him halted his career but earlier this summer, he revealed that directors were lining up to work with him if the outcome of his most recent trial in the UK was favorable.
The 63-year-old told ZEITmagazin that several people had expressed interest in working but were on the fence pending the outcome of the trial. Just last week, Spacey was acquitted of all charges in the UK sexual assault trial and now he's eyeing a theatrical return.
Spacey took up a voice role in the indie thriller Control last year and it could be hitting theaters by the end of the year. The film would be up for domestic release in the UK upon its initial release but no word if an international showing is on the table. 
Super Bowl LVIII 
The Super Bowl turns into a bigger spectacle each year and for next year's big game, kids will have their very own feed to tune into. This means, you can have your adult party and set up a kids section with their own TVs.
Paramount Global CBS is expanding game coverage to Nickelodeon. The alternate telecast will have special on-screen graphics, guests hosts and reporters and other entertainment features throughout the evening.
While Super Bowl commercials are the highlight of the evening for many at-home spectators, there hasn't been word on if a special set of ads will run for the Nick telecast. The kids cast is just the latest in a number of alternate telecasts that CBS has tested in recent years.