From Beyoncé making sure her fans got home safely to a hot new amusement park, here's what's happening in entertainment.
Beyoncé's Renaissance Delays & Fees
When Beyoncé said rain or shine, she meant that. Last night in Washington, DC, the latest stop on her Renaissance World Tour, the singer was forced to delay the show due to inclement weather. Those delays came a nice-sized bill – one that wasn't about to stop Queen Bey.
Her tour paid $100,000 for the DC Metro system to stay open an hour later than usual so fans could safely make their way back home. The system's official X account (you know, the platform formerly known as Twitter) confirmed the extension and said, "Hold Up, #Beyhive, Metro & Renaissance Tour will extend the last train by an extra hour to weather the storm."
Mattel Park
The Barbie movie just crossed the $1 billion mark and now she's getting her own experience at Mattel's new Adventure Park.
The theme park is set to open up in 2024 in Glendale, Ariz. and will feature rides and experiences based on the toymaker's biggest products. That includes Hot Wheels, Thomas & Friends, Masters of the Universe, Pictionary, Uno among others. Barbie's section of the park will host a life-size beach house, including a look at her dreamy closet, and a rooftop bar and restaurant.
The park will be geared toward both children and adults and the company stresses how many attractions will be inside and air-conditioned - a relief from the burning desert sun.
Jeopardy! SZN 40
Season 40 of Jeopardy! doesn’t kick off for another month, but we’re learning some details about the upcoming season and if you tune in regularly, you might notice more than a few familiar aspects each night.
The fallout from the ongoing Hollywood writers strike has caused showrunners to recycle questions that will come from various shows and seasons. However, Michael Davies, Jeopardy! showrunner, told the Inside Jeopardy! podcast that there will be some new questions that were prepared by writers before the strike. 
The strike also impacted the show's contestants. Instead of a new slate of players, producers tapped former players from seasons 37 and 38. Meanwhile Celebrity Jeopardy! will feature all new questions and contestants as the second season of the spin-off was completed before the strike.