From a taste of Netflix to 'Black Mirror' almost taking it too far, here's what's happening in entertainment.
Netflix Eats
Netflix is set to add cuisine to its menu of offerings.
The streaming giant is launching a pop-up restaurant in Los Angeles called Netflix Bites. The experience will only be available for a limited time and will feature dishes and drinks from chefs featured on popular series like Chef's Table, Is It Cake?, and Iron Chef. 
"From episode to entrée, with NETFLIX BITES, we are creating an in-person experience where fans can immerse themselves in their favorite food shows. We are excited to collaborate with these incredible chefs who will bring this vision to life and showcase an array of their delicious menus," Josh Simon, vice president of consumer products at Netflix, said in a statement.
NETFLIX BITES will open on June 30 at Short Stories Hotel.
'Rust' Movie Update
Actor Alec Baldwin and armorer Hannah Gutierrez-Reed are still not in the clear following the accidental shooting death of a cinematographer on the set of the film Rust.
Prosecutors are mulling over the idea of recharging Baldwin after his charges were dismissed in late April. At the time, prosecutors in New Mexico said an investigation remained active.
Meanwhile, charges still stand for Gutierrez-Reed and prosecutors now allege she was likely hungover on the set when she loaded a live round into the weapon that killed Halyna Hutchins. The state's lawyers are looking to establish a pattern of reckless conduct, according to the Associated Press.
Gutierrez-Reed is due in court in August for a preliminary hearing that will decide whether or not the charges levied against her will stand. Meanwhile, prosecutors said they will decide whether or not to recharge Baldwin for his role in the shooting in the next 60 days.
Hayek Talks 'Black Mirror'
With the return of Netflix's Black Mirror just days away, we're learning more about at least one episode from Salma Hayek.
Last month, we told you about Hayek's introduction into the series as she takes up the role of an average, non-celebrity who finds out that a streaming service, which appears to be a spoof of Netflix, has launched a series about her life. Now Hayek has revealed she almost reconsidered the role after reading the script and realizing she'd have to do something that might get her canceled.
"There was one thing that really did make me hesitate about doing it all together. Yeah, it's insane, but I love that Black Mirror is not known for being super funny. I like breaking the mold," she said in an interview with Good Morning America.
Season six premieres on June 15.