From Taylor Swift's 'Speak Now' rebirth to a video showing exactly what happened to Britney Spears in Las Vegas, here is what's happening in entertainment.
New Old T-Swift
Have you ever wished one of your favorite musicians had remixed one of their biggest songs? Or maybe you hoped they would make a music video for one of your favorite hits? Well, Taylor Swift is rewinding the clock and doing just that for fans. This time instead of remixing just one song, she re-recorded the entire Speak Now album. There are new lyrics and six new tracks on the updated version. The re-record was part of a larger project by Swift to reclaim her original works after her catalog was acquired by music executive Scooter Braun in 2019 and then sold to a private company a year later for $300 million.
Britney Spears Assault Update
Police in Las Vegas have declined to file charges against the security guard involved in an incident with pop star Britney Spears.
Authorities say they will not file charges against Damian Smith, the Spurs organization's head of security, after Spears said he hit her in the face when she tried to get the attention of incoming NBA rookie Victor Wembanyama. Surveillance video shows the security guard pushing Spears's hand away from the player into her own face.
Spears filed a police report after the incident and sought a public apology from Smith. She took to Instagram and said in part, "I simply tapped him on the shoulder. His security then back handed me in the face without looking back, in front of a crowd."
Webanyama claimed he didn't see the woman that grabbed him and was shocked to find out that the incident involved Spears.
Superman on Max
For Superman fans, there's some new content waiting for you over on the Max streaming platform.
An anime version of Superman just became available on Adult Swim, which also streams its content on Max. My Adventures with Superman is the first animated show in the superhero's franchise since 1996. 
Jack Quaid voices Clark Kent and his alter ego Superman, Alice Lee is reporter Lois Lane and Ishmel Sahid is Jimmy Olsen. If you don't have Max, you can catch the show on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim on Thursday at midnight.