From the new face of 'Wheel of Fortune' to Barbie's Dreamhouse IRL, here's what happening in entertainment.
Wheel of Fortune 
Just two weeks ago, we told you that Wheel of Fortune host Pat Sajak was stepping down from his role as host after leading the show for 41 seasons and it looks like his replacement has been confirmed.
If you'd like to buy a vowel, you'll have to ask Ryan Seacrest. The serial game show host has been tapped to replace storied host Pat Sajak. Seacrest confirmed the news on Twitter and said, in part, "I can't wait to continue the tradition of spinning the wheel and working alongside the great Vanna White." Sajak's final season begins airing in September with White, who is reportedly renegotiating her contract.
Seacrest will be busy though. Despite leaving Live With Kelly and Ryan, he'll continue hosting American Idol and his nationally-syndicated radio show iHeart's On Air With Ryan Seacrest.
Barbie Dream House
Mattel and the creators of the upcoming Barbie movie continue to drum up excitement around the project and the latest effort is sure to have people talking.
People that have dreamed of immersing themselves in the world of Barbie can actually do it now by renting out Barbie's iconic Malibu Dreamhouse. The secret renovations to a mansion overlooking the beach were just revealed and it is exactly what you might have imagined. The estate, which is tucked in the cliffs of Malibu, Calif., is decked out in bright pink and visitors will get to enjoy a pool, waterslide, basketball court and several patio spaces.
The home is listed on Airbnb (with a description purportedly written by Ken) and will go live for reservations on July 17. Only a limited number of guests will be selected to stay – for one night only – at the iconic house. And the best part? The booking won't cost you a thing.
Sober Olympics
If you had plans to drink the finest champagne France had to offer during your trip to the 2024 Paris Olympic Games, you'll either have to pregame or wait until the events of the day wrap up.
The International Olympic Committee announced a ban of alcoholic beverages at Olympic stadiums next summer – unless you're deemed a very important person. A bit of elitism with a sidecar of cognac sounds nice, right? Apparently, the move coincides with French law that makes it illegal to provide alcohol to the general public in stadiums, according to Reuters.
If you're attending the Games and are fortunate enough to land a seat in one of the premiere hospitality boxes that offer food, then you can indulge in some adult bevvies. Alcohol was also banned at the delayed 2020 Tokyo Games, which ended up proceeding without fans at all due to the coronavirus pandemic. However, alcoholic beverages were available at the 2012 London Games as well as the 2008 Beijing Games.
Ashes Thrown
Picture it: You're the singer Pink and you're performing one of your biggest hits, Just Like a Pill. All of a sudden, a fan tosses a bag full of a dusty substance on stage.
Yeah, this actually happened and it turns out the bag was filled with the remains of that fan's mother. The show went down at London's BST Hyde Park during Pink's Summer Carnival tour. Once the bag was tossed on stage, she bent down and picked it up with a look of confusion and asked, "This is your mother?" After processing for a second, she sat the bag down and continued with the performance.