From big dramas returning to the small screen to a well-deserved award for a top broadcaster.
Big Season Premieres
Showtime's Yellowjackets made its season two return and did so in spectacular fashion. The series drew nearly two million viewers in its premiere and became the most streamed debut on Showtime's platform. It was also the cable network's best season two premiere in a decade. The series tells the story of a New Jersey high school girl's soccer team who end up stranded in the Canadian wilderness after their plane crashed — and the aftermath for them as adults.
Succession on HBO also made its return for its fourth and final season. A robust 2.3 million viewers checked in on both streaming and cable, marking a 62 percent jump in viewership compared to the season three premiere or even for the season three finale, which drew just 1.7 million viewers.
Negro Leagues Digital Debut
Major League Baseball is set to pay homage to a handful of Negro League players in its upcoming MLB The Show game. For the first time, the video game will feature iconic figures like Satchel Paige, Jackie Robinson (who integrated the sport), John Donaldson, and Rub Foster. "There were so many gaming fans who have been clamoring for the inclusion of the Negro Leagues. People were p[opping into my timeline on social media," Bob Kendrick, storyline narrator and president of the Negro League Baseball Museum, told the Associated Press
Gumbel's Sports Honors
Bryant Gumbel has been a staple of the world of sports reporting for decades, and now he's set to be honored with one of TV's most prestigious awards. Gumbel will receive a lifetime achievement award at the 44th Annual Sports Emmys show set to take place in New York City on May 22. The National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences made the announcement on Tuesday, stating, "Bryant's incredible resume spanning Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel, NBC Sports, NBC News, CBS News, and many other projects has brought dramatic and human news and sports stories to life for audiences throughout his career making him a clear front runner for this distinct honor."