Rolling Stone's Top 20 Shows
With so many options to watch on television these days, finding the best shows can be tedious, but Rolling Stone is helping with that. The publication released its top 20 watchlist for 2022 and surprisingly, there was a nice assortment of both streaming and broadcast content. Coming in at number 1 was Hulu's Reservation Dogs. It's a comedy series that follows indigenous teenagers in rural Oklahoma. Rounding out the top 3 was AMC's Better Call Saul, and FX's Atlanta. Cheddar also has a weekly what to stream list if you need options.
Céline's Rare Diagnosis
Céline Dion has revealed that she was recently diagnosed with a rare neurological disease called Stiff-Person Syndrome. Only about 1 million people worldwide are impacted by the debilitating disease that causes muscle spasms and sensitivity to stimuli like noise, touch, and emotional stresses. The singer took to Instagram to make the announcement and also revealed that disease is making it difficult to not only hit the stage and perform but to even walk. Her tour, which was slated to begin in February after being delayed three times, is being pushed back again.
Google's Most Searched
Turns out Taylor Swift was actually not the most Googled musician in the U.S., according to Google's Year in Search 2022. Those honors go to Maroon 5's Adam Levine. Apparently folks were curious about the 43-year-old following his social media scandal involving model Sumner Stroh. She showed screenshots of Levine asking if he could name the child he and his wife were expecting after her. Levine admitted to TMZ that he used poor judgment in contacting the woman but denied that he actually ever had an affair with her.