Spice Girls Reunion?
The Spice Girls are rumored to be gearing up for a reunion, and this time around, all five members reportedly are coming back. The pop stars might perform at King Charles III's coronation, which is slated for May. During the three-day extravaganza the group could be together again for the first time since the 2012 London Olympics closing ceremony.  
Aniston & Sandler Part 2
Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler are teaming up for a Murder Mystery sequel. Netflix dropped the trailer for the second installment of the comedy on Monday. This time around, the detective couple is headed to a private island for a wedding where the groom is kidnapped and the attendees become suspects. The Jeremy Garelick-directed Murder Mystery 2 is slated for March 31 release.
Eddie Murphy's Donkey Hopes
Are you here for another Shrek movie? If Eddie Murphy had it his way, he would reprise his role as Donkey in a heartbeat. In an interview with Deadline, he said, "I would do a Donkey movie. I would do another Shrek in two seconds." He noted that the decision would ultimately be up to Dreamworks Animation but Deadline also noted that Antonio Banderas, who plays Puss in the Shrekverse, hinted that there could be a fifth green ogre movie during a conversation at the Red Sea Film Festival.
Check out what Murphy told Cheddar News about his latest film 'You People':