Weekend Box Office Recap

Brad Pitt was once again at the top of the weekend box office with Bullet Train. The film, which follows an assassin with convenient bad luck, raked in $13.4 million in its second weekend. Despite a 50 percent dropoff in ticket sales, it managed to hang on to the number one spot and bring its global box office total to over $114 million. Tom Cruise's Top Gun: Maverick continues to impress in theaters after it took home $7.1 million in its 12th week. The sequel film has raked in $673 million at the domestic box office alone.

Tom Holland's Social Media Hiatus

Actor Tom Holland is stepping away from social media for a while. In a video posted to Instagram, he told fans that overstimulation and ongoing conversations about his life from social media users have not been good for his mental well-being. Holland also offered resources to those in need through stem4, a mental health initiative sponsored by his family's charity The Brothers Trust. 

Troy Kotsur's Missing Oscar

"Coda" star Troy Kotsur's Oscar for best supporting actor was stolen over the weekend. The actor, who was being honored in his hometown of Mesa, Arizona, reported that thieves took his Jeep, and unfortunately, his Academy Award was inside. Luckily, police were able to locate the vehicle, along with the Oscar, and return them to Kotsur.

RIP Anne Heche

Emmy award winner Anne Heche succumbed to injuries she sustained in a fiery car crash this month. Over the weekend, doctors at West Hills Hospital in Los Angeles removed her from life support after she was declared brain dead on Friday. From the tragedy will come some hope as her organs will be donated to those waiting for life-saving transplants.