Taylor's Era
Taylor Swift's Eras Tour has been filled with moments. First, we saw the New York Jets' new quarterback in Aaron Rodgers catching a vibe at Swift's East Rutherford show and then there was news about a woman going into labor at a more recent show.
Tori Hedges attended the Cincinnati, Ohio stop and was fully engulfed in the show and was just about to head out when her little one decided they wanted to make a grand entrance, making the night one to truly remember. Hedges was caught off guard as her due date wasn't supposed to arrive for several more weeks. A quick bathroom trip turned into the beginning stages of her welcoming the newest addition to her family.
If that wasn't storied enough for the Eras Tour, Swift added 14 new dates as the show sets up for its international run next year. She'll be joined by the ever-popular Paramore and in a tweet said, "Hayley and I have been friends since we were teens in Nashville and Now we get to frolic around the UK/Europe next summer."
AI Grammy Winner
Recording Academy CEO and president Harvey Mason Jr is embracing artificial intelligence when it comes to music creation.
The academy recently rolled out a slate of new changes for the 2023-24 award season, including the plan to only award human creators for the night's biggest awards. The new rules also highlight the fact that music created solely by machine is not eligible to be awarded in category.
There is a caveat, however. Music authored by humans containing elements of AI can be granted awards. 
"As long as the human is contributing in a more than de minimis amount, which to us mean a meaningful way, they are and will always be considered for a nomination or a win," Mason told the Associated Press. "We don't want to see technology replace human creativity. We want to make sure technology is enhancing, embellishing or additive to human creativity."
Don't Play with Adele
Adele is not playing around with fans that like to hurl things on stage as the trend has recently grown more popular.
The trend started with fans tossing their phones on stage with the camera running so the artist could then pick it up, while performing, and record themselves and the crowd before tossing it back. Since then, things have gotten slightly out of hand.
Last month, Bebe Rexha made headlines after being assaulted by a fan who hurled a cellphone at her face. The phone made contact and Rexha was immediately rushed off of stage with an apparent injury. The injury was so severe that she needed stitches and ultimately a New Jersey man was arrested and charged. Well Adele issued a stern warning to attendees of her Las Vegas residency.
She told fans they need to remember their concert etiquette before daring someone to throw something at her.