Ticketmaster's Apology
Taylor Swift and the Swifities aren't ready to let Ticketmaster off the hook after last week's ticket debacle. The ticketing agency apologized to Swift and her fans in a tweet after many were unable to purchase tickets to her upcoming Eras Tour. Ticketmaster blamed the purchasing errors on the tour's high demand. Now there's a federal investigation into the incident getting underway, but still, Swift did move more than two million tickets in presales in a single day, the most in the company's history.
Adele Takes the Desert
Adele finally made it to the bright lights of Las Vegas to begin her residency at the Caesars Palace Colosseum. The slate of shows was initially to begin in January of this year, but the singer was forced to pull out of her slot after several COVID-19-related delays. Once the first show kicked off over the weekend, Adele was overcome with emotion and told the crowd how nervous she was to take the stage. She was also brought to tears several times throughout the performance but still brought the house down in spectacular fashion, according to the now viral videos circulating on social media. The show is expected to run until March 2023.
Chris Hemsworth as Thor, No More?
Chris Hemsworth could be putting a bow on his run as Marvel's Thor. He's currently the longest serving Avenger as the Marvel Cinematic Universe transitions into its fifth phase. Many of his contemporaries have already been written out of the franchise through various means. After four standalone films, also the most of any of the original Avengers, he told Vanity Fair that he's always open to returning to the MCU if the story is "unique and fresh" but that if it must end, he would like a send-off story like Captain America or Iron Man.