Wakanda Forever Previews
The talk of the town is clearly Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. The sequel opens in theaters this weekend but is already leaving its mark in previews with $28 million earned on Thursday. It lands at being the 15th highest preview haul, surpassing the first film in 2018, which took in $25 million. The movie is projected to make up to $200 million in its opening weekend, which would make it the biggest opening of the year.
Mark Cuban on Elon Musk
Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban said Elon Musk killed the most valuable part of Twitter by allowing users to pay for verification. The change was met with an immediate backlash from other users and was quickly exposed as a not-so-great idea after impersonations of celebrities, public figures, and brands went rampant. Cuban called the paid service a potential nightmare for users who might look to source information from impersonators of accounts that they had grown to trust.
Ash Ketchum, 'Pokémon' Pro
It took a quarter of a century for Pokémon star Ash Ketchum to become the very best. The famed 10-year-old trainer in the anime series finally achieved the feat of becoming the top Pokémon trainer in the latest episode of Pokémon Ultimate Journeys: The Series after winning the Masters Eight Tournament. The episode debuted in Japan and will be available for global release on Netflix in the near future, according to Variety.